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Basement Pillows

We’ve wanted pillows in our basement for a while. It’s really tough for me to find something that matches and feels right. It was important to  make it feel like a warm and cozy place to relax. I had bought these two fabrics last year.

I really had completely different intentions for them. Unfortunately the time passed and the project I had originally planned is no longer relevant. When I was going through my sewing supplies and moving them to their own dedicated space I realized the print would be perfect. Like magic I immediately found the dark green which would make the perfect backing! I sewed a pillow together without fill to show my husband and make sure he liked it. I loved the end result and so did he.

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You can see the bottom edge is unfinished. I ordered my pillow fills through Avon and they haven’t come in yet. As soon as they do I’m going to put together 3 more pillow covers and slip stitch them shut. I really have no intention of changing them seasonally and can always remove the slip stitch easily if I do decide I want to make a change.

The way I decorate, most rooms have a piece of decor the rest of the room is coordinated around. This will be that piece for the basement den. When we go to decide paint colors it’ll probably be something that comes from the vibrant color pallet of the fabric. It’ll probably be lighter of course, since the print is fairly dark and it is a basement. It’s very well lit for a basement, but still a basement!

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