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My First Real Crochet Project

I’ve tried to make a few things by crocheting them. They’ve all ended up unwound at some point, reverting back into the pile of yarn from which they came. I decided this one would be different. When I began working on it the idea was to keep me busy and possibly give the blanket to my son when it was finished. About a year later you can tell how that’s gone. It’s not easy to tell from the picture but it’s about three feet wide and just barely a foot tall. I’m not thinking that my son will want a blanket like this when he’s three or more. I have, however, decided not to unravel it. We plan to have another child eventually (please don’t ask when, we don’t know). Maybe it’ll go to our next child. Maybe it’ll end up being a gift to another Mom who needs it a touch more urgently than we do.

I decided to share it where it is because I think it’s going to be a pretty blanket when it’s done. I’m not sure when or how often I’ll be able to work on it but it’ll be sitting there ready for me when I’m ready to go back and continue. I no longer have the pattern but if you’re interested you can google “chevron crochet pattern” and you’ll find a bunch of things that will look very similar if not identical. I bought all of the yarn and crochet supplies on Amazon if you’re having difficulty finding the colors you want in the store. I prefer to shop in store but was confident in my ability to find things online because I’ve crocheted a good amount prior to this (just have nothing to show for it).

I was able to get another row on yesterday. It was raining too hard to paint and our son decided he’d prefer his Dad’s attention over mine. I’m still holding out hope I might be able to paint today but it looks unlikely at this point. Mid 50s is too cold to open up the house. I’m sure there’ll be time next weekend. Thankfully, I have two projects to work on that don’t require the windows be wide open.

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