Giving My Cactus Some Love

My poor cactus has been in his tiny pot for quite some time now. I first got him two years ago. He was in beautiful bloom and probably already too big for his tiny pot. It was certainly no emergency to move him into a bigger home but I also didn’t expect it to take two years for me to find the time! Regardless, today was his day!

The pot fits him nicely. He’s got another two inches or so under and half to a whole inch around the edge to stretch his legs. His roots were really tight so I had a hard time safely loosening them up but hopefully he’ll find his way toward the edge. I think he looks much happier already!


I moved him outside too. We kept getting cold snaps so I wasn’t quite comfortable with it before now. I think the warmth is finally coming though. No reason he need be cooped up inside when we’re out enjoying the sunshine!

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