Home Decor

Loose Ends

There have been two specific things I’ve wanted to do for a while, one in our living room and the other in the sitting room. Both of them ultimately required a run to IKEA, so yesterday on yet another rainy and dreary day I drove down to buy what I needed. By the time I got home and my husband helped me unload everything I was too exhausted to execute my vision of the changes but this morning my son “helped” me do just that.

We’ve had one bookshelf in our living room for a while. I tried to balance it out on the other side with a toy chest but it still looked unbalanced. Since the existing bookshelf was an IKEA brown-black bookshelf, I bought another brown-black bookshelf to match and placed it on the far side of the fireplace. Balance and harmony have finally been restored to our living room.

New bookshelf and adjusted organization system for our son’s toys.

The other project I’ve been dying to do is create a comfortable spot in the sitting room where I can read with plenty of light. I don’t like big cushy couches for reading. I can never get my back and neck in a comfortable spot. I prefer to have support so I can relax my muscles and dive into a book without the annoyance of constantly adjusting my back and neck. Wing back chairs seem to be perfect for this purpose so I’ve been keeping an eye out for one at a reasonable price. For some reason I don’t completely understand chairs are frequently more expensive than any other piece of furniture you might put around them. At any rate, my husband happened by chance to notice IKEA has begun to carry wing back chairs! So, now I have my sitting area!

My new sitting area, complete with the green blanket I’ve had since college and a repurposed end table.

Yes, that’s a curtain rod under the windows that needs mounted. I have blue sheer curtains in the linen closet I’m going to hang as soon as my husband has a moment to mount the rod. I chose a dark grey for the chair since we’re considering painting the sitting room a lighter version of the purple in the bedroom (they’re the same room, separated by an arch).

I considered waiting until a nicer day outside to take photos but sunny days have been few and far between. The weather forecast claims it’ll only be partly cloudy on Tuesday. I’m skeptical. Next weekend the forecast is mid-80s and sunny with 20% chance of rain. It’s still a week away so it’s likely to change some but I’m really hoping it stays close to what they’re calling for. I’m getting tired of looking at our half painted bedroom walls!

Now that that’s all done, back to the sewing machine. I need to finish up those basement pillows and mend some things.

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