Meet Mason

Oct 2015 I decided our family needed an animal companion. A dog would be too much work for our already hectic household. Our son wasn’t yet two at the time and he would’ve terrorized any young or particularly fragile pet into aggression. The only practical solution would be an adult cat that had already been socialized around children and spayed or neutered. The only place I could think to find an animal like that was the shelter.

I brought my son with me when we went to look. When I first walked back through the animals I was shocked to find few adult cats even available. My heart dropped and part of me wondered if we would be able to take a kitten even though I knew it was a horrible idea. There were two adult cats listed as kid friendly. I decided I wouldn’t give up hope just yet and committed their names to memory. As I walked up to the desk I braced myself for disappointment.

Much to my surprise, the staff seemed ecstatic with the idea of either of the cats going home with us once we talked for a bit. The two cats were both gentle and they had been around kids without incident. The only difference between them was one had a love for the outdoors and the other had never stepped foot on grass in his life. We decided to meet the indoor cat.

When they first brought him out he barely moved. They explained why they thought he might be a great match. Apparently they had been using him to parent the kittens. Even though male he had a high tolerance for their antics and displayed almost limitless patience. I put our son down and the two ignored each other completely. Perfect! Now all that was left was to explain to my husband who had no idea I was looking for a pet we’re adopting this extremely friendly and calm feline.

My husband took the news much better than I thought he would. He looked thoroughly confused at first. I guess I can’t blame him really. He had no idea I was considering getting a pet and now I was informing him he needed to take off of work a little early the next day to come meet this cat who would be perfect for our family, toddler included.

When we went to the interview the following afternoon he fell in love with the cat at first sight. We took care of the paperwork as expeditiously as politeness would allow and they were kind enough to put Mason in the carrier for us. They clipped his nails and made sure we had all the supplies needed to take care of him already at home. With that we loaded him into the car and shuttled him home as quickly as safely possible. He cried the whole way, poor boy.

It took a week for him to settle in. After a month he was as much a part of our family as any other member. He’s extremely polite. When he wants petted he gently lays his paw on your hand or arm and meows while looking directly at you. He doesn’t scratch you when you pet his belly. He doesn’t even scratch when trying to escape getting his nails clipped. He’s the sweetest and gentlest cat I’ve ever met and we’re thankful we found him and brought him home. We love you Mason! ❤


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