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Finished the Bedroom and Starting on the Living Room

Yesterday we finally got the right weather for finishing up the room. It feels so good to see it finished after such a painfully long time looking at half-painted walls. We’re still waiting for our headboard to come in. We ordered it three months ago and it was back ordered. The rest of the set is here. We changed our lamps and the comforter to match the new color. The photo is dark because it’s yet another night picture. I can’t seem to get up there during the day and take some good photos.

I finally pulled the trigger on picking out a color for our living room. We went with a nice neutral green. This wall is the only one we’ve finished painting. If I can finish painting the windows and get a good shot of the curtains you’ll be able to see the color scheme better. The arm of the chair on the far left bottom of the photo is our love seat. The curtains are that same color. This shot is dreary because of the rain storm yesterday. We’re overcast so far today. Hopefully the sun will peak out here in a bit.

When you look at BERMUDA GRASS in the samples it looks significantly different than it will on your walls. The sample itself is accurate but it’s one of those colors that’s really difficult to imagine applied over a large area. I’ve put a side by side comparison of each of the paint lids with the rooms so you can get an idea of what a sample looks like vs. what it turns out to be once it’s applied to the wall. I have an easy time imaging in my head what it will look like but many people don’t. I’m not sure if it’s a skill that can be acquired but if it is this will help.

I didn’t know about this until we went yesterday but there’s a $10 rebate per gallon on what looked to me to be most of Home Depot’s interior paint. According to the flyer they were handing out the sale ends today though, so if you’re reading this after it’s been posted more than 24 hours you’re out of luck (sorry).

These are the other two colors we bought. I plan to paint DANCING MIST in our sitting room and KALAHARI SUNSET in our upstairs bathroom. It’ll be a while before I get to it but I thought I’d share the colors since we already have them. I hope you’re having as much fun this Memorial Day weekend as we are! Three day weekends are the best for getting things done.

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