Home Decor

Finished the Living Room

Yesterday was wonderful weather to paint, so we took the time to finish up the living room. Our curtains are finally back up and the toys are back under control. No matter what I did last week, the curtains being down threw the room into a chaos I couldn’t get under control. It was still best to leave them down. It’s no fun to wrangle the panels and valances  on such a long curtain rod.

Between all three photos I believe I captured the whole room. The breakfast nook will be next. It’s adjacent to the living room and has no existing color scheme so we’ll continue the green through. The curtains and calendar are the only thing that contributes any defining color and even they’re neutral.

Breakfast nook before photo.

I apologize for the darkness of the photos. I have all the lights on but our home depends heavily upon outside light to be well enough lit for photos. Today is another day of overcast and we’re not expecting any sun, so I went ahead and took them anyway. As always, I’ll work to get a better shot when the room is finished. Our house doesn’t look and feel that dark to us! The camera seems to need much more light than we do to feel comfortable.

After thinking about it I’m not sure if I’ve shown any photos of the original color. Our whole house is painted the light, almost white yellow in the before photo. It’s a nice, bright, neutral color. It’s just not so fun to have the whole house painted the same color. Plus, it’s been on the walls a few years now. After seeing it all over the house that long I’m tired of looking at it. 🙂

I have to admit I’m not 100% sure what to replace it with in parts of the house like the hallways where we want a light neutral. We may stick with the color in the hallways unless I happen upon some brilliant idea before we get to them. It certainly won’t bother me to have it in the hallways if the rest of the house isn’t that same shade.

I expect today will be a well deserved day to rest. I’m looking forward to it.

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