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New Centerpiece and Previous Projects

This weekend we’re taking a break. The weather is wonderful and we’re celebrating Father’s Day a week early so there’s little expectation we’ll get much work done. Instead of waiting to see if I’ll accomplish something I decided to share our new centerpiece and my previous projects instead. Our new centerpiece is a bit more stable and less likely to need as much help as the previous one to look presentable. The tall candles we had before kept leaning and cracking on the bottom making what’s normally a traditional arrangement

New centerpiece for the dining room.

look like a complete mess. So, I decided to change it to this.

The dining room is connected to our living room with a large arch so I decided to carry the color scheme in through the candles. By the time all is said and done the kitchen will be the only room which doesn’t carry the same color scheme as the rest of the floor. We have a wide open floor plan so the house will look much better put together that way.

These are the other rooms we’ve finished. Our son’s room is the orange and our office is the blue. Yes, that’s a giraffe on his wall. It’s a watercolor painted by our friends which we framed. The angle on the office is odd because it’s way too cluttered to take a better photo. If I took a normal photo of the room you’d miss the wall color completely. 😉

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


We went with dark blue in the office because it’s a calming, relaxing, and productive color. The creamy orange was chosen to match nicely with the giraffe. I keep mentioning to my husband the same orange might look good in our kitchen and he keeps looking at me like I’m crazy. Maybe I am! I think I’ll have to put a stripe of it on the wall before I can convince myself it’s a bad idea. However, if I put it on the wall and like it I’ll be bound and determined to use the color. It’s risky! We bought too much paint when we did our son’s room. I thought I was buying a little extra for touch-up but overestimated how much it would take of the paint+primer combo.

I’m looking forward to our break this weekend. If all goes well we’ll get our son to the petting zoo and give him a chance to see all the animals in his books in person. Maybe he’ll be terrified since this is his first time but hopefully he’ll love the trip. If nothing else the weather will make it pleasant to be outside regardless of whether or not we can get him within ten feet of the animals.

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