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Painting Our Son’s Table

Our son’s end table has seen some rough use. I’ve had to wipe it down half a million times (or at least that’s what it feels like). Regardless of the exact number, it’s enough the paint started to wear off the top. Once that began to happen liquid seeped into the chips and cracks and caused the press board to bubble up under the veneer. Ugh.

I went out and picked up dust masks, black spray paint, as well as coarse and extra fine sandpaper. I forgot to take a photo after sanding (sorry) but it looked like you would expect. Sanding the bubbles away left pressboard exposed. There was a lot of dust from the pressboard giving way with abandon under the sandpaper. Once I broke out the extra fine sandpaper the whole table was a mess of black dust. Damage removed (or at least reduced) I wiped the table down with a dry cloth.

Then came the fun part. I covered the table in a light layer of black spray paint. I gave it a little while to dry while I took care of some other chores. The top and some of the legs took a second coat. I didn’t prime it because I bought a paint + primer spray paint. It would’ve needed to be primed otherwise. It doesn’t look perfect, but it’s much improved.

I left the table in the garage to dry completely and stowed everything away in the garage except the spray paint. No need for that to fall into the wrong hands. Came back and checked and of course I found a huge spot I missed. So, I touched it up and left it to dry… again.

There you have it! It’s not perfect, but it looks a lot better than it did. I know what you’re thinking. “Isn’t that an Ikea table? Is it really worth that much effort? Why not just buy a new one?” Besides the fact I don’t think I’ve ever walked into an Ikea and walked back out with less than $200.00 worth of stuff, it’s actually much more convenient to go ahead and fix it myself. It didn’t take very long. The whole thing, including drying time, was about two hours with the heat and the breeze. It was probably only 15-30 minutes of actual work and it was an activity I could do while our toddler napped. “Fun” probably overstates the experience but it was more enjoyable than not.

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