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Lake Walks and Freelance Writing

There haven’t been a whole lot of home improvement projects going on to share. It’s just been way too hot to paint, sand, or do anything else that requires a significant amount of labor in the outdoor heat. We have been taking walks at the lake in the early morning. I load my son up in his wagon and pull him along the path. I’ve taken a few photos including this one of four or more turtles hanging out at Lake Elkhorn.

I was taking a bit of a break from posting, but I found something interesting to share (in addition to the turtles)! I’m now a freelance writer. In the time I was using to paint and decorate I’m now writing documents for other people. I’m currently working on only and have applied to a few others. I anticipate being hired on at some other sites soon. If you or anyone you know needs something written you can contact me through My profile is at If you take a look, you can see my ratings and the type of work I’ve done so far.

I’m going back to decorating, painting, and gardening as soon as it cools off enough outside. I look forward to it and miss it a great deal. Once Fall and Winter come there’ll be holidays to decorate for and events to plan. I’m getting excited just thinking about it!

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