DIY · Gardening

Hello Lettuce!

I don’t know about you but I struggle to keep fresh lettuce in the house. Once it gets even a little slimey I can’t eat it without feeling gaggy. Introducing my most recent experiment, growing lettuce in a planter! So far so good. The plants peeked up through the soil significantly earlier than I expected. If this goes well I’ll pick up a few more planters and expand the experiment. I would definitely eat a ton more salad if I could be sure I’m not going to find a surprise slimey spot waiting for me.


In a suprising development our son and our cat, Mason, have left the planter entirely alone. I was sure it would end up dumped out onto the floor by now. This isn’t the only experiment I’m working on, it’s just the easiest to showcase! I also picked up a blueberry bush that’s planted in the front of the house. It’s just starting to bud out and I’ll probably be able to get a good picture of it within the next few weeks.

This weekend will be busy so it’ll probably be next week until we get to grooming the front garden. If I remember I’ll take before and after photos!


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