DIY · Gardening

Hello Lettuce!

I don’t know about you but I struggle to keep fresh lettuce in the house. Once it gets even a little slimey I can’t eat it without feeling gaggy. Introducing my most recent experiment, growing lettuce in a planter! So far so good. The plants peeked up through the soil significantly earlier than I expected.… Continue reading Hello Lettuce!

DIY · Home Decor

Painting Our Son’s Table

Our son’s end table has seen some rough use. I’ve had to wipe it down half a million times (or at least that’s what it feels like). Regardless of the exact number, it’s enough the paint started to wear off the top. Once that began to happen liquid seeped into the chips and cracks and… Continue reading Painting Our Son’s Table

Crochet · DIY

My First Real Crochet Project

I’ve tried to make a few things by crocheting them. They’ve all ended up unwound at some point, reverting back into the pile of yarn from which they came. I decided this one would be different. When I began working on it the idea was to keep me busy and possibly give the blanket to… Continue reading My First Real Crochet Project

DIY · Home Decor

Basement Pillows

We’ve wanted pillows in our basement for a while. It’s really tough for me to find something that matches and feels right. It was important to ┬ámake it feel like a warm and cozy place to relax. I had bought these two fabrics last year. I really had completely different intentions for them. Unfortunately the… Continue reading Basement Pillows

DIY · Home Decor

Painting the Bedroom

We picked a purple for our bedroom because the other pieces of the room are so neutral. It looks a touch dark because I took the photo in the late afternoon but the room is actually well-lit making a dark color practical. We’ve been way too busy until now to paint so the paint we’re… Continue reading Painting the Bedroom