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Lake Walks and Freelance Writing

There haven’t been a whole lot of home improvement projects going on to share. It’s just been way too hot to paint, sand, or do anything else that requires a significant amount of labor in the outdoor heat. We have been taking walks at the lake in the early morning. I load my son up… Continue reading Lake Walks and Freelance Writing

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A Little Bit of Progress

Another dark photo (sorry), but you can sort of see the progress we’ve made. Most of the breakfast nook is painted the same green as the living room. The whole project is taking less paint than I thought it would. I didn’t realize just how few walls some of our rooms really have with the… Continue reading A Little Bit of Progress

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New Centerpiece and Previous Projects

This weekend we’re taking a break. The weather is wonderful and we’re celebrating Father’s Day a week early so there’s little expectation we’ll get much work done. Instead of waiting to see if I’ll accomplish something I decided to share our new centerpiece and my previous projects instead. Our new centerpiece is a bit more… Continue reading New Centerpiece and Previous Projects


Meet Mason

Oct¬†2015 I decided our family¬†needed an animal companion. A dog would be too much work for our already hectic household. Our son wasn’t yet two at the time and he would’ve terrorized any young or particularly fragile pet into aggression. The only practical solution would be an adult cat that had already been socialized around… Continue reading Meet Mason