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A Productive Labor Day Weekend

Instead of taking off for the holiday we used it as a springboard to get things wrapped up around the house. My husband finished painting our breakfast nook. We had stopped that particular project when it got too hot to open the house up. Today was a gorgeous day to fling the windows open and… Continue reading A Productive Labor Day Weekend

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A Little Bit of Progress

Another dark photo (sorry), but you can sort of see the progress we’ve made. Most of the breakfast nook is painted the same green as the living room. The whole project is taking less paint than I thought it would. I didn’t realize just how few walls some of our rooms really have with the… Continue reading A Little Bit of Progress

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Painting Our Son’s Table

Our son’s end table has seen some rough use. I’ve had to wipe it down half a million times (or at least that’s what it feels like). Regardless of the exact number, it’s enough the paint started to wear off the top. Once that began to happen liquid seeped into the chips and cracks and… Continue reading Painting Our Son’s Table

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New Centerpiece and Previous Projects

This weekend we’re taking a break. The weather is wonderful and we’re celebrating Father’s Day a week early so there’s little expectation we’ll get much work done. Instead of waiting to see if I’ll accomplish something I decided to share our new centerpiece and my previous projects instead. Our new centerpiece is a bit more… Continue reading New Centerpiece and Previous Projects

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Finished the Living Room

Yesterday was wonderful weather to paint, so we took the time to finish up the living room. Our curtains are finally back up and the toys are back under control. No matter what I did last week, the curtains being down threw the room into a chaos I couldn’t get under control. It was still… Continue reading Finished the Living Room

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We Finally Have a Headboard!

Our headboard finally arrived! It took twelve weeks but it was totally worth the wait. Yes, that’s a toddler on the bed. He’s showing off his amazing cuteness skills. It’s difficult to see, even with a well lit picture, but the headboard has a bookshelf built in. I’m looking forward to decorating it. I bought… Continue reading We Finally Have a Headboard!

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Finished the Bedroom and Starting on the Living Room

Yesterday we finally got the right weather for finishing up the room. It feels so good to see it finished after such a painfully long time looking at half-painted walls. We’re still waiting for our headboard to come in. We ordered it three months ago and it was back ordered. The rest of the set… Continue reading Finished the Bedroom and Starting on the Living Room