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Loose Ends

There have been two specific things I’ve wanted to do for a while, one in our living room and the other in the sitting room. Both of them ultimately required a run to IKEA, so yesterday on yet another rainy and dreary day I drove down to buy what I needed. By the time I got… Continue reading Loose Ends

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Basement Pillows

We’ve wanted pillows in our basement for a while. It’s really tough for me to find something that matches and feels right. It was important to  make it feel like a warm and cozy place to relax. I had bought these two fabrics last year. I really had completely different intentions for them. Unfortunately the… Continue reading Basement Pillows

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Painting the Bedroom

We picked a purple for our bedroom because the other pieces of the room are so neutral. It looks a touch dark because I took the photo in the late afternoon but the room is actually well-lit making a dark color practical. We’ve been way too busy until now to paint so the paint we’re… Continue reading Painting the Bedroom