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Finished the Living Room

Yesterday was wonderful weather to paint, so we took the time to finish up the living room. Our curtains are finally back up and the toys are back under control. No matter what I did last week, the curtains being down threw the room into a chaos I couldn’t get under control. It was still… Continue reading Finished the Living Room

Home Decor

We Finally Have a Headboard!

Our headboard finally arrived! It took twelve weeks but it was totally worth the wait. Yes, that’s a toddler on the bed. He’s showing off his amazing cuteness skills. It’s difficult to see, even with a well lit picture, but the headboard has a bookshelf built in. I’m looking forward to decorating it. I bought… Continue reading We Finally Have a Headboard!

Home Decor

Finished the Bedroom and Starting on the Living Room

Yesterday we finally got the right weather for finishing up the room. It feels so good to see it finished after such a painfully long time looking at half-painted walls. We’re still waiting for our headboard to come in. We ordered it three months ago and it was back ordered. The rest of the set… Continue reading Finished the Bedroom and Starting on the Living Room


Meet Mason

Oct 2015 I decided our family needed an animal companion. A dog would be too much work for our already hectic household. Our son wasn’t yet two at the time and he would’ve terrorized any young or particularly fragile pet into aggression. The only practical solution would be an adult cat that had already been socialized around… Continue reading Meet Mason


Giving My Cactus Some Love

My poor cactus has been in his tiny pot for quite some time now. I first got him two years ago. He was in beautiful bloom and probably already too big for his tiny pot. It was certainly no emergency to move him into a bigger home but I also didn’t expect it to take… Continue reading Giving My Cactus Some Love


Spring Cleaning

Better late than never, right? I finally got a chance to start Spring Cleaning today in earnest. I’ve been doing bits and pieces but I had been avoiding any major undertakings until today. Today I tackled our mud room and coat closet. I always underestimate how much work it is to pull everything out, organize it,… Continue reading Spring Cleaning